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The MedTech industry is unique in the Healthcare industry in that in addition to medical expertise requirements, innovators also need high-end engineering skills to deliver innovative products and technologies. A strong knowledge of the highly populated IP Landscape® is recognised as a key component of a company’s R&D and IP strategy, while a Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis may be even more important – and challenging – than in other technology fields.

The Medical Technology (MedTech) industry is experiencing a new era where the product development paradigm has been shifted by expanding technological possibilities, financial pressures of changing healthcare systems, the growth of emerging economies and an ageing population in developed economies, and a diverse policy environment. Innovative companies in the MedTech space are responding by accelerating the pace of new product development and converging technologies across fields.

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CambridgeIP has developed unique patent mapping, IP strategy and technology strategy expertise in key MedTech areas. We have worked with some of the most exciting technology innovators globally – whether large corporations, SMEs or University researchers.

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MedTech is a rapidly growing industry, encompassing a large number of medical devices, medical technologies and medical applications. In this interactive presentation we share some examples of our work and noteworthy patents in this space.

The MedTech Diagnostics space includes imaging and technologies used to diagnose or monitor such as MRI, CT, X-ray and optical biopsy systems as well as non-imaging technologies such as patient monitoring and in vitro testing equipment.

The MedTech Therapy space includes invasive devices such as pace makers, stimulator or prosthesis as well as non-invasive devices such as contact lenses or radiation devices.

The MedTech Surgery space includes instruments as well as aids for better investigating organs or guiding surgeons. More and more modern technologies aim to decrease the degree of invasiveness.

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