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Development of new pharmaceutical formulations is an exciting and growing field. Pharmaceutical companies are facing patent expirations of their key blockbuster drugs (the so-called ‘patent cliff’) and can struggle to develop new drugs despite increasing investments in R&D. In order to sustain their revenues while facing a tough competition from generic companies, big pharma are turning to re-formulation of existing drugs to prolong their life cycle. An example reformulation includes developing a new carrier. Different formulation components can affect bioavailability and hence activity of drugs, and may influence therapeutic outcomes of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) .

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Development of a high-performance formulation can contribute to extending a life-cycle of a drug by providing a drug product that is more competitive and can be protected by patents. In recent years we observe an increased focus on enhancing therapeutic performance of clinically established drugs in terms of efficacy, safety and improved patient compliance through development of new drug formulation technologies.

CambridgeIP has an extensive experience working in the field of pharmaceutical formulations. We support our clients in their R&D and IP strategy through IP Landscape® and Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis as well as non-patent Journal Landscape projects conducted by our team of experts.

The field of pharmaceutical formulations is growing rapidly. APIs, carriers, chemicals that increase the formulation performance as well as manufacturing processes. Here are some examples of our past projects and relevant patents.

CambridgeIP has experience in supporting our clients in development of new delivery methods of therapeutics including small molecule drugs and biopharms through our IPLandscape® and non-patent Literature Review projects.

The drug carriers’ space has observed major developments of both lipid and polymer based carriers that enabled improvement in targeted drug delivery. Here are some examples of our work in the drug carriers space.

Development of high-performance formulations allows achieving improved therapeutic benefit, by increasing therapeutic window and patient’s compliance. It has become a strategy for product differentiation and drugs life-cycle management.

The pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing space includes many processes and patents in this area often describe novel methods that are cheaper and/or more efficient.

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